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Begins his experience at Hotel Camino Real, in México city, Acapulco and Cancún. Travels through Europe, particularly in Spain; with the main purpose of collecting experiences and soak up the ancestral flavors and smells of that continent.

Back in his country, in San Miguel de Allende, performs as Executive Chef at the prestigious Hotel Boutique La Puertecita. In 2001, the adventure as a businessman begins; creating with his wife Ana Laura, Nirvana Restaurant, which implements the new concept of signature cuisine, with a menu designed specially by the Chef, who is also the host of the restaurant and provides personal attention to the guests. Nirvana serves fusion cuisine in an intimate and contemporary atmosphere. Success leads to growth, to a higher end location.

A decade after its launch, these young entrepreneurs, now crystallize their dreams and experiences, evolving into a holistic concept: NIRVANA RESTAURANT & RETREAT.

Juan Carlos Escalante has taught classes and demonstrations for students of prestigious culinary schools, and has been profiled in national and international publications. His philosophy is to constantly evolve with the vision of sharing their art and profession.